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Residential house demolition & site clearing.

Need a house demolished? Native timber to salvage? Concrete to clear?

Our house demolition team can take care of everything needed to remove your house and clear your site. We offer cost-effective demolition solutions by completing the whole process from start to finish, including recycling of most building waste.

✔ Houses✔ Multi-Story Buildings✔ Internal Strip-Outs
✔ Sheds & Garages✔ Concrete & Driveways✔ Trees & Fencing

How does the demolition process work?

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Asbestos removal (if required).

Our asbestos removal team will carry out testing, removal and clean-up to ensure a safe site before demolition.

2 >>

Manual stripping of valuable items.

We will manually strip (soft-strip) out all items and building materials that can be salvaged for re-use or re-sale.

3 >>

Deconstruction & demolition.

We will deconstruct and demolish the building with the least impact on the environment as possible.

4 >>

Site clean-up.

All demolition and building waste will be removed from the site. Any concrete, trees or fences required to go will also be removed.



Demolition waste such as concrete, timber, steel and building materials will be taken to be recycled at our Hamilton yard.

What happens to native timber?

Do you have precious native timber to save and recycle? We will make a plan with you to salvage as much native timber and joinery before your house demolition. We will soft-strip as much native timber as possible, for you to re-use or re-sell. Alternatively, we will take any native timber you do not wish to keep and allow a price difference at the end of demolition.

"We're passionate about leading the way with environmentally-sustainable demolition. Most building waste is recycled right here in our Hamilton yard, including steel, wire, concrete and timber."

How do I know if my house has asbestos?

Before any deconstruction or demolition, we will discuss with you and evaluate the possibility of asbestos in your house. If required, asbestos samples may need to be obtained for testing in an authorised laboratory. Please contact us to discuss your asbestos requirements.   

- Remove - Recycle - Reuse -

Recycling demolition waste into reusable & sustainable products.