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Asbestos removal in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty.

Our experienced asbestos removal team can inspect, test and remove asbestos in any residential or commercial environment. All asbestos removals are done in accordance with the Ministry of Health & Worksafe guidelines.

Safe removal of asbestos from your home or building.

Before any demolition work can begin, an asbestos survey and clearance certificate must be issued. We have Worksafe certified asbestos technicians and are licensed for all asbestos services:

✔ Safe removal of asbestos.

✔ Asbestos waste disposal.

✔ Site decontamination.

Certified Class A & Class B asbestos removers.

Class A license:

Class A licences give Waikato Demolition the ability to remove any type or quantity of asbestos or ACM including:

  • Any amount of friable asbestos or ACM.
  • Any amount of non-friable asbestos or ACM.

    Class B license:

    Class B licences gives Waikato Demolition the ability to remove:

    • Any amount of non-friable asbestos or ACM.


    Asbestos testing for demolition.

    Asbestos testing must be carried out before any demolition work can commence. For a full demolition, a licensed asbestos surveyor must carry out the testing for you in order to ensure all appropriate materials are sampled (a DIY test kit is not accepted). The samples will be tested at the laboratory and an asbestos survey report will then be provided. Using this report, we remove all asbestos materials and clean-up correctly. An asbestos assessor will then issue an asbestos clearance certificate and we can begin demolition.

    Typically, asbestos testing must be completed by an independent contractor so there is no conflict of interest with the demolition company. We can talk you through this process so please contact us to discuss.

    How do I know if there is asbestos in my house?

    If you have a house that was built or renovated between 1940 and 2000, there is a possibility that there is asbestos in your roof, floor, ceiling, insulation or cladding. The only way to know for sure if there is asbestos in your home is by testing a sample at an authorised laboratory. Contact us if you would like to discuss asbestos inspection and removal.

    - Remove - Recycle - Reuse -

    Recycling demolition waste into reusable & sustainable products.