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Frequently asked questions.


> How much does it cost to demolish a house or building?

The cost to demolish a house varies hugely depending on the size of the building, materials involved and the location. Get a demolition quote here.

> Is there a license demolition contractors need?

No, but Waikato Demolition are members of the NZDAA | New Zealand Demolition & Asbestos Association and are certified asbestos contractors.

> Can a builder do demolition work?

Yes, technically anyone can do demolition work. But not everyone has the ability or equipment to carry out demolition work safely, efficiently and recycle/dispose of the materials correctly. Demolition contractors are also specially trained to manage permits and asbestos regulations.

> Do you need consent or a permit to demolish a building?

A permit is not usually required for a standard house or building. A permit is required if there are three or more levels or if the building being demolished is joined to another building. The major requirement for any demolition is an asbestos survey report/clearance for buildings built prior to 2000.

> Can we dump concrete at Waikato Demolition?

Yes, we accept waste concrete at our Hamilton yard by the trailer or truck load from the public and contractors. Find out more here.

> How much does it cost to get asbestos tested?

Asbestos testing can cost anywhere from $70+gst for DIY kits to $250+gst for a contractor to take the samples. Usually asbestos testing needs to be carried out by an independent contractor so there is no conflict of interest with the demolition company. Contact us and we can talk you through this process.

> How do you know if you have asbestos in your house?

If you have a house that was built or renovated between 1940 and 1990, there is a possibility that there is asbestos in some materials in your home. The only way to know for sure if there is asbestos in your home is by testing a sample at an authorised laboratory. Contact us to discuss asbestos inspection and testing.

> How do you demolish a house in NZ?

The demolition process depends on the structure, the condition of the building and the materials. The demolition process can include manual demolition (hand-tools - usually for removal of interior walls, floors and windows) and mechanical demolition (heavy machinery - excavators, cranes, crushers etc). See demolition process.

> Does a demolition contractor have insurance?

Yes, we have insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances during your demolition project.

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