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Specialised large scale demolition & deconstruction.

From trucks and cranes to excavators and crushers, we have high-tech heavy equipment for complex commercial demolition. Our team has over 20 years’ experience. We know what works and we have the scale to complete the project from start to finish.

Your total solution.

We are experienced in managing all facets of commercial demolition and will ensure safety, budgets, timeframes and documentation meets the requirements for both your business and local council. Our commercial services can include:


Site analysis.

Scoping & feasibility.

Financial reporting.


Critical budgeting.

Health & safety.

Safety procedures.


Materials recycling.

Traffic management.

Complete demolition fleet.


Process planning.

Permits & consents.

Hazardous waste management.

Full-scale recycling for sustainable demolition.

You can ensure your demolition project is as environmentally-sustainable as possible with our full-scale recycling processes. We are passionate about being leaders in demolition-waste recycling and waste minimisation is always our goal.

Concrete is crushed and recycled into aggregate and concrete mix. Steel and wire is stripped ready for recycling through scrap metal merchants, native timber is salvaged and re-used, and un-treated timber is recycled into garden mulch.

We are focused on waste minimisation and partner with a number of organisations to re-purpose materials from demolition waste.

Demolition from start to finish.

1 >>

Asbestos removal (if required).

Our asbestos removal team will carry out testing, removal and clean-up to ensure a safe site before demolition.

2 >>

Manual stripping of valuable items.

We will manually strip (soft-strip) out all items and building materials that can be salvaged for re-use or re-sale.

3 >>

Deconstruction & demolition.

We will deconstruct and demolish the building with the least impact on the environment as possible.

4 >>

Site clean-up.

All demolition and building waste will be removed from the site. Any concrete, trees or fences required to go will also be removed.



Demolition waste such as concrete, timber, steel and building materials will be taken to be recycled at our Hamilton yard.

Why choose Waikato Demolition?

We are experienced in the requirements for large-scale commercial demolition and will manage everything from health and safety to budgets and time-frames.

We specialise in managing the complete project from start to finish with cost-effective pricing, state-of-the-art equipment and in-house safety managers.

- Remove - Recycle - Reuse -

Recycling demolition waste into reusable & sustainable products.