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Concrete disposal in Hamilton.

Do you have waste concrete from a demolition project? Removing concrete driveways, paths or walls? We take clean concrete-waste by the trailer or truck load at our Hamilton yard.

Concrete Drop-Off Hours are Monday to Friday, 8am-4pm

Dropping off concrete waste.

Our purpose-built demolition recycling yard accepts trailer or truck loads of concrete. Simply contact us to book a time-slot to drop-off your concrete waste. 

We accept reinforcing steel within concrete, but please ensure your concrete is free from dirt, grass, mesh, wire or other rubbish.

✔ All concrete.

✔ Reinforcing steel.

✔ Pavers & bricks.

⃠ No dirt or grass.

⃠ No mesh or wire.

⃠ No ashphalt.

Book a concrete drop-off:

Complete this form to let us know you are coming to drop-off a load of concrete.

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Thank-you - we will see you when you arrive!

Concrete Dumping Fees


Where to drop-off your concrete.

How do we recycle your concrete waste?

Our specialised demolition recycling plant in Hamilton processes a range of aggregate products with our fully computerised crushing and screening plant. 

Concrete is recycled into:

-Builders mix – No1 & No2 grade-

-AP65 - rumble tumble-

- Remove - Recycle - Reuse -

Recycling demolition waste into reusable & sustainable products.